Don't do drugs, drink a fucking fruit shoot. ATL. PTV.
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there was a monarch butterfly outside with a torn wing and i thought it was dead so i went to pick it up off the ground with a flower but it began to hurriedly clutch onto it trying to drink something. it was totally trembling; it had a gash on it’s body and i knew it was dying but i couldn’t bring myself to kill it, so i googled a monarch’s favourite food and it ended up being mandarins. he literally devoured as much as he could before dying and i buried him outside my window.

You’re a good person


the problem with me is that i care too much about what others think of me & it literally kills me 


When my straight friends want to come over. 

collide with the sky

Alex, Jack & Rian in suits (June) minus Zack :(


All Time Low feat. Vic Fuentes - A Love Like War [video credit]


hello 911 my sock is falling down inside my shoe